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Applied Behavior Center for Autism is a unique and dynamic program unlike any other in the Central Florida area. Applied Behavior Center for Autism was designed to fill the deficits that are often found in traditional therapy and educational programs . Since we understand the difficulty families have of trying to get everything their child needs in one setting, we have designed a program that is sure to meet every childs individual needs.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a science-based form of instruction that seeks to understand the relationship between behavior and the environment. Our trained professionals use their knowledge of ABA and apply it to:

  1. Behaviors targeted for increase, strengthening, or development. This applies to functional communication, academics, self-care, play, social skills, daily living and more.
  2. Behaviors identified for decrease. This refers to behaviors that interfere with learning such as tantrums, noncompliance and other related issues.

We offer the following types of services:

This service is provided at one of our clinics, private residences, schools and daycares.

The hourly ABA program offers 1:1 ABA therapy in the specific environment where treatment is most needed. You may visit one of our private clinics or we can come to your home, school or daycare. Minimum of 4 hours a week required.

This service is provided at one of our educational centers.

The full time ABA program offers ABA therapy as a year-round, full-time educational alternative.

We offer both 1:1 and 1:2 therapist-to-child instruction ratios.

This program caters to children from birth – 3 years old.

The Early Intervention program is specific to the child who is not meeting their developmental milestones, behind in expressive communication or who is experiencing behavior challenges. ABC assesses and develops individual programs specific to your child’s individual needs. Early intervention services are available through our Hourly services clinic, home setting or daycare or in our Full-Time therapy center.

*If you are concerned about the development of your child, please consult with your pediatrician for a complete medical review.

To participate in either of the services listed please contact our office manager at 407-324-7772 to schedule your tour or assessment.


Tours are given to those who are interested in full time enrollment for in-center therapy. We provide information regarding our program and curriculum offered, and you will receive a complimentary book and a tour packet as well. To learn more about our tour process or to schedule a tour, please review the Tours / Insurance Verification information provided on our enrollment page.

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