Irma Update

ABC follows Orange and Seminole county public schools for closures.
Oviedo and Longwood follow Seminole County and Winter Garden follows Orange.

If the county is closed then so is the corresponding ABC location. 

Message From Bobbi Barber

Hello everyone! I hope this email finds you all safe and well. As we are moving forward and keeping up with the school districts on their closure / open status we will continue to follow the Seminole and Orange county updates. Even though some centers have power and some communities do that isn’t the same for all therapists and families. There are many parts of town with power outages, water back ups, blocked roads or even broken and unsafe driving conditions. We have therapists that drive from all over Central FL and some of them aren’t even able to leave their community or their home.

We want everyone to be safe – that is our first priority. I understand this is a inconvenience for many families and I am terribly sorry. Most of us are parents ourselves and want our kids to return to a normal schedule as soon as possible as well. And as your children are out of session so are ours. Please be patient as we maneuver through this difficult and trying time. We want to provide therapy as soon as possible. Please check Facebook, Twitter, the local news or other service providers for updates for Orange and Seminole county.

Hyndi and I have been discussing the days which we will make up and as soon as we have an updated calendar we will be sending to you.

Please be patient with us as we get back to normalcy as possible. And once again I apologize for any inconveniences.

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