We’ve Got You Covered!

Applied Behavior Center for Autism accepts medical insurance for both home-based and center-based ABA therapy.  The therapy programs we offer include:


We will verify all insurance benefits and we will submit claims on your behalf.

This service is INCLUDED in all program fees.

We offer full-service insurance assistance for our clients:
  • Pre-Authorization for services and development of necessary treatment plans for service eligibility.
  • We complete all the initial paperwork as required by your insurance carrier.
  • Re-authorizations for services when benefit period reaches its end and re-submission of treatment plan as needed.
  • We complete all billing and insurance submissions on your behalf.
  • Correct any denied, unpaid, or incorrectly paid claims on your behalf.

Applied Behavior Center for Autism is currently in-network and/or accepting the following insurance plans:

*Cigna will only be applicable for in-home ABA therapy.

Contact Us for specific insurance related information.

NOTE: Insurance coverage is not guaranteed and depends on your plan benefits.

Do You Have An ERISA Plan Lacking Autism Benefits?

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