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Applied Behavior Center Positive MarkCo-Founder of Applied Behavior Center for Autism, Hyndi Khomutesky, was recently featured in the news with Positive Mark.

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News 13 Feature on Applied Behavior Center for Autism

Bobbi Barber, co-founder of the Applied Behavior Center has written a new book titled Autism, Adolescence and Adulthood.

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This must-read, interactive workbook is written specially for parents who have children diagnosed with autism. This book addresses the challenge of loving and living with a special needs adolescent or adult.

What makes this book different from any other is the approach taken from behavior analyst and professional administrator’s point of view. Bobbi is the Co-founder and chief operating officer of the Applied Behavior Center in Oviedo, FL, Bobbi Barber has over a decade of experience dedicated to serving children, youth, and adults with autism and related developmental disabilities. With a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Behavior Analyst Board Certification, Bobbi has a unique set of skills and the professional experience that enable her to have the passion, desire, and creativity to equip parents and caregivers for a hopeful future. In my decade of experience in the field of developmental disabilities I have come into contact with hundreds of families who haven’t taken the time to explore the future of their maturing child. But I feel it is my obligation to tell them that they have the ultimate responsibility to take control of helping their child learn those basic life skills. Many families are worn out from providing the daily care for their child themselves and discouraged by the lack of information and support available to them. My hope is to inspire families to step up to the challenge by giving them the resources they need to successfully create independence in their loved one.

As a behavior analyst, I can offer a unique perspective that allows caregivers to view changes in incremental, manageable steps and with an objective, realistic point of view.

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