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Applied Behavior Center for Autism accepts medical insurance for ABA therapy. If utilizing health insurance for ABA therapy goals must meet your individual health insurance provider requirements for medical necessity.


Authorizations for services may take several weeks. If you are interested in ABA services please contact us as soon as possible to begin the enrollment process. We will verify all insurance benefits and we will submit claims on your behalf. This service is INCLUDED in all program fees. We offer full-service insurance assistance for our clients:


  • Pre-Authorization for services and development of necessary treatment plans for service eligibility.
  • We complete all the initial paperwork as required by your insurance carrier.
  • Re-authorizations for services when benefit period reaches its end and re-submission of treatment plan as needed.
  • We complete all billing and insurance submissions on your behalf.
  • Correct any denied, unpaid, or incorrectly paid claims on your behalf.

Applied Behavior Center for Autism is currently in-network and/or accepting the following insurance plans:

Contact us for specific insurance related information.

NOTE: Insurance coverage is not guaranteed and depends on your plan benefits.


Although our name is changing, our commitment to providing the best care and support for your child remains the same.

Our new name signifies our commitment to helping each child find their unique path to success. Blue is a symbolic color for autism, and it represents the journey that we take with each child as we guide them towards a brighter future.

Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to helping children with ASD reach their full potential through personalized therapy services tailored to their unique needs. We use evidence-based practices to promote positive behavior changes and improve social, communication, and academic skills.

As a trusted leader in the field of ABA therapy for nearly 20 years, our experience has allowed us to refine our approach, making us the ideal partner in your child’s journey towards success.

Let us guide your child on their path to progress and success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your family.